How to Clean Sheepskin Products

Sheepskin is very easy to maintain and care for!

First a distinction needs to be made between the two main types of sheepskin available.

  1. Medical Grade Sheepskin- Generally for medical purposes and equestrian products has been tanned in a way that allows for the sheepskin to be fully submerged in water and washed by machine or hand.
  2. Standard Sheepskin- Generally used for home or automotive purposes, cannot be cleaned by full submersion because they are tanned in a way that is more suitable for those applications.

Each sheepskin type has their own recommended wash/cleaning procedures but do share the same maintenance procedures.

Maintenance on all types of sheepskin products including medical sheepskin, sheepskin rugs, sheepskin seat covers, etc. can be accomplished by giving them a firm shake to remove any settled dust or particles. If the sheepskin fibers begin to mat down then a metal bristle pet brush can be used to gently fluff up the sheepskin fibers. If a quick refreshing or sanitization of the sheepskin fibers is needed a sheepskin wash product can be used. We highly recommend Kookaburra or Eucalan Wash products. The following procedures should be followed when spot washing, sanitizing or refreshing is needed.

  1. Put a capful or two of Kookaburra Wash into a bowl of water.
  2. Take a clean washcloth or rag and submerge into the mixed-solution.
  3. Wring out the washcloth completely.
  4. Wipe the cloth along the surface of the fibers in all directions. Do not do on the skin side.
  5. Allow sheepskin to air dry.
  6. If needed, fluff sheepskin fibers gently with pet brush.

Medical sheepskin can be washed in a machine but we do recommend hand-washing as this will increase the product life  due to less stress placed on the skin.