Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover


Have you ever burned your hands on a hot steering wheel? Grabbed an ice cold steering wheel? Want comfort? Our 100% genuine sheepskin steering wheel cover is the answer you have been looking for. The sheepskin steering wheel cover is available in many colors and is sized to fit most standard size steering wheels. Never again will you burn or freeze your hands!



Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover

Dimensions: 15.5″ Diameter

Finishing: Elastic Bound Edges

Sheepskin Steering Wheel Covers are made of 100% Genuine Sheepskin. Not only do they protect your hands they protect the value of your car by protecting the steering wheel from sun damage caused by UV rays.

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White, Pearl, Gobi, Camel, Silver, Dark Silver, Pewter, Charcoal, Mushroom, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Black


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