11″ x 22″ Sheepskin Kidney Pillows


Sheepskin Kidney Pillows are the perfect size for utility as well as decoration. These simple but eye catching sheepskin pillows offer different textures and colors to fit your color scheme and desired look. Enjoy them on the sofa, bed, or in the car on long trips. Portable comfort. Try one today.



Sheepskin Kidney Pillow Size: 11″ x 22″

Sheepskin Wool Types: Long Wool, Short Wool (Shearling)

Sheepskin Colors:

Long Wool – Ivory, Steel, Taupe

Short Wool – White, Pearl, Beige

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Long Wool Ivory, Long Wool Steel, Long Wool Taupe, Short Wool Beige, Short Wool Pearl, Short Wool White


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