Sheepskin Rugs – Cheap or Not?

All About Sheepskin Rugs – Pricing and Quality

People often tell me that they can get the same sheepskin rug elsewhere for much cheaper. I respond by telling them that it is possible to get a cheap sheepskin rug somewhere else. Most people don’t get my answer and ask, “What do you mean?” I can buy a car from Ferrari or I can buy a car from Kia. I can buy jeans from Macy’s or I can buy jeans from Walmart. Immediately it is understood that there are different levels of quality you can get of almost any product. But why do people forget about this when buying a sheepskin rugs and many other products? Because these days we have become accustomed to cheap, cheap, cheap. Look at all the Walmarts and Dollar Stores that are on every corner. Everyone complains about them but obviously there are many people that shop at these places and have created a demand for an increasing number of these discount stores. The fact is that we have become blinded by getting the lowest price and often forget about the old saying, “You get what you pay for.”

When you see a sheepskin rug for sale at a super low price keep in mind that you must be comparing apples to apples especially if price is the issue at hand. The “apples” that everyone should be comparing sheepskin rugs to are found right here at

Let me explain why sheepskin rugs can be found cheaper at big box stores. In fact even my “brand” can sometimes be found in stores at a fraction of the price. How’s that?

Well here’s why and what the difference is. The difference is that during any production process there are always an amount of sheepskin rugs that fail to meet the high quality control standards (failed tanning process, cut during harvest, poor density, rough texture, color is off, etc). Those sheepskin rugs are taken aside, given a grade, and then sold to recoup some money instead of just taking a complete loss and throwing them out. This is where the discount stores come in. They purchase the 2nd, 3rd grade, and/or damaged low quality products and sell them to those who don’t know the difference, looking for a “deal”, or don’t see the value in investing in a 1st grade premium product. has put thought and effort into our selection of sheepskin rugs so that you always end up with a 1st Grade sheepskin rug that you will be proud to have in your home or give as a gift.

How come some of your competitors sell multiple brands of sheepskin rugs?

If another retailer carries multiple brands than that place probably doesn’t care what they are selling. They are just trying to put anything into your hands. I want you to LOVE YOUR SHEEPSKIN, not like it, so we have hand picked one manufacturer that provides the “Premium” product that you would be happy to invest in. No one else compares to the quality. I will put my sheepskin rugs up against anyone’s and be certain that it will be significantly higher in quality.

We would love for you to try out our company and see why designers, photographers, billionaires, and celebrities buy their sheepskin rugs from Give us a call and order today!