How does Sheepskin work?

Sheepskin has been around for years. It is a natural product, it is effective and most of all it works! Many people have enjoyed the benefits that sheepskin provides. Recommended by both doctors and nurses.

Sheepskin pads are effective because they provide a solution to the major causes of decubitis ulcers, also known as pressure ulcers or bedsores. The three major causes of bed sores are “bottoming out”, excessive moisture, and friction/shearing.

  1. Bottoming out refers to compressing the tissue between the bony process and the surface that is being laid on. Bottoming out prevents microcirculation within the tissue and therefore interrupts vital oxygen and blood flow to the tissue. When the tissue is deprived of vital components needed to survive it will cause necrosis (death) of the tissue. Each sheepskin fiber works like a mini-spring. When looked at closely or under a magnifying glass the fibers have little crimps along its length. The sheepskin fibers cradle the area that protrudes by individually interacting with contour of the body, which then creates the perfect cushion to assist in negating the bottoming out effect.
  2. Excessive moisture can be caused by a couple reasons including excessive perspiration and failure to properly care for the patient. Failure to properly care for the patient includes, but is not limited to, infrequent changing if incontinence occurs, failure to reposition at recommended intervals, and placing patient on a non-breathing surface. Sheepskin cannot protect a patient from poor patient care but it does have the ability to keep the patient dry when proper care is given. Sheepskin has the ability to wick away moisture from the skin. The moisture is drawn down into the sheepskin fibers and away from the patient where air can flow causing the evaporation of the excessive moisture.
  3. Friction can be caused by the individual themselves or by a caretaker moving or repositioning them. Sheepskin has lanolin on it which will create less friction. Friction injuries, also know as shear injuries, are very common when the proper care or prevention product is not used. Sheepskin is the only product that reduces friction.